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We believe that all children are unique and have an innate curiosity and an intrinsic motivation to learn. Based on these beliefs, Kinder Island provides a learning environment that encourages children to be hands on and engage their senses as they explore the world around them. We encourage each child’s passion to learn through thoughtfully prepared, multisensory and multi-modal experiences with highly qualified, nurturing, and engaging teachers who serve as guides and partners in the learning process. Teachers develop meaningful relationships with the children, and observe them closely in order to determine what they already know and what unique skills they bring to the classroom. The teachers then curate the learning experience for each child through the preparation of the classroom environment and learning experiences. Throughout their time at Kinder Island, the children have endless opportunities to develop their whole selves across the six domains: social-emotional, sensory, motor, cognitive, language and self-care.

a Outdoor Play

At Kinder Island outdoor play is not simply a time for children to burn energy and build gross motor skills. Outdoor play provides the children with an opportunity to extend their learning beyond the classroom. Children gain confidence and develop a deeper sense of self and their abilities as they negotiate with peers, take risks, role play, and experiment with new concepts and materials. Research supports that children who play outdoors for extended periods of time are better able to attend to classroom tasks, build immunity, show improved mood, and have increased exposure to sensory input that engages all of the senses. We believe outdoor play is an essential component in supporting the physical, mental, and social well-being of children.

a Learning

Each classroom at Kinder Island is curated to include materials and learning experiences that engage the children’s senses, piques their curiosity, and fosters development throughout the learning domains. The classroom and its materials adapt to meet the needs of the group, as well as the unit of study. The curriculum focuses on the whole child- developing social and emotional skills, language acquisition, critical thinking, along with fine and gross motor skills. STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) is incorporated into the daily activities of the classroom.

a Healthy Meals

At Kinder Island we want to nourish the whole child, and understand the significance of a well balanced food program that focuses on nutrient dense foods. It is of the utmost importance that each child in our program has access to the freshest and healthiest ingredients prepared with delicious flavor. That is why we are working exclusively with Orange Grill to cater each and every meal. They guarantee that every meal is cooked from organic, fresh and never frozen ingredients. Together, we take pride in preparing and serving wonderful, healthy meals to your children. We also provide a light breakfast, as well as afternoon snack for children in aftercare.

Partnership with Bridgeview Soccer Academy

We are excited to announce that Kinder Island has partnered with Bridgeview NYC Soccer Academy! Their highly qualified, professional coaches will come twice a week to work with our three, four, and five-year-olds. The coaches focus on developing the players through positive constructive coaching while teaching them the tactical aspects of the game. We strongly believe that this program aligns with our mission to develop the whole child as it challenges both their physical and social skills in a fun and safe environment.

Kinder Island also offers various dance classes for all ages!

Dance Classes

At Kinder Island, we will offer dance classes that will teach children both the fundamental and creative aspects of dance. Dance classes can be beneficial for children of all ages and genders. Dance helps children to develop across all domains. The physical benefits of dance have been widely accepted for years, but more recently, the emotional, social, and cognitive benefits are being recognized. We will offer a variety of classes geared toward children of varying ages and development.

Creative Movement

(Ages 1-3)

For our littlest dancers, we have developed a specific program to introduce young children to the world of dance. Students will begin to learn how to isolate the different parts of their bodies through simple movements and explore how dance connects to music through tempo and rhythm. Teachers will use puppets, musical instruments, bubbles and a variety of props to allow children to explore dance through a multi-sensory approach, all while having a world of fun!


(Ages 2-6)

Children will explore basic ballet movements and terminology through fun songs and props. Each class will have a variety of activities to engage all students while they build motor skills, grace, and self-confidence as ballerinas.

Tap Dance

(Ages 2-6)

Children will learn basic time steps and explore combinations as they develop control of the muscles in their feet, ankles, and legs. Each class is carefully designed to captivate their imagination and introduce the joy of dance and movement.

Hip Hop/ Modern Dance

(Ages 2-6)

Children will develop dance and motor skills as they explore musicality and rhythm in this energetic and expressive class. Children will learn techniques of modern dance while having the opportunity to explore their own freestyle abilities. This class builds strength, stamina, and style through contemporary hip-hop movements.

Ballroom Dance

(Ages 5-6)

Children will learn the basic principles of ballroom dancing as they build coordination, grace, poise and posture, all while developing their core strength and flexibility. These fun, high-energy dance classes will boost children’s confidence, self-esteem, and social skills as they work in pairs and prepare for fun, local competitions.

Our Mission & Vision

To create an early childhood setting that brings together the best research-based practices and theoretical approaches to encourage children to become confident and competent learners. Kinder Island is a special place with remarkable indoor and outdoor spaces designed to encourage children’s curiosity, allow rich sensory exploration, and grow their understanding of the world around them. Children are encouraged to play and fully experience the joy of being a child, while developing their skills in order to support a love of learning and prepare them for their academic futures.

Empowering children
to reach their potential.

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